Is Chat GPT Good or Bad For Copywriters?

Last time, I talked about how ChatGPT is an inflection point for copywriters. A moment where I can confidently say “this changes everything.”

I believe that even more strongly today.

Recently, I attended a 3-day AI workshop put on by my friend Sam Woods.

(If you don’t know Sam, he’s a really smart dude… and IMO the ideal guy to take up the mantle of “AI Guru” in the copywriting world.)

The workshop was legitimately mind-blowing. Sam shared his entire process...

Like how to use AI for copy to find deep, emotional desires… how to come up with quality bullets… how to create emails, landing pages, and even longform copy (big ideas included!)

It honestly took me a couple days to even wrap my head around everything.

The capabilities of ChatGPT are so enormous, so paradigm-shifting it’s shocking to glimpse what the future of knowledge works looks like.

Now, all that said, lemme me pump the brakes a bit.

Because recently I was kinda doom and gloom-ish about the post-ChatGPT copywriting world…

Thinking AI would simply steam-roll us copywriters and replace us wholesale. But after Sam’s workshop, I’m a lot more optimistic.

While I think the copywriting “middle class” — the non-specialized, jack of all trades ``wordsmiths” will get increasingly hollowed out…

The folks who’ve specialized their copy skills AND learn how to leverage AI are in an excellent place right now.

Because in the right hands, ChatGPT is like an ultra-fast, highly competent junior writer… that makes it a 10X-type of multiplier in my mind.

What copywriter wouldn't get fired up about that?

I’m more excited about copywriting right now than I’ve been in years. The game is changing big time… and that keeps things fresh and interesting.

If you’re a copywriter yourself (or a marketer or knowledge worker of any stripe)...

Now is the time to hop onboard with our new robot overlords. If you want a competitive advantage, this is it, and now’s the time to grab it.


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